Sunday, February 22, 2015

Making Things Legit!

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Hi There!

I am so new to the blogging world and am figuring things out as I go.  I want to "claim my blog" on Bloglovin' and also add my blog to Pinterest.  When I investigated both of these things, it seems like I need to post a link in my blog for both of these things.  So, this post will have two links.  If I should be doing this differently, will you please comment and let me know!  Thanks so much :)


  1. Try putting the links in the html version of your blog - then the html won't show up in your blog post I think. Good luck! Good for you for jumping right in with your blog. The space theme is adorable!

    1. Hi! Thanks for helping! I'm not exactly sure what you mean. I notice when I go to write in my blog, I have a "compose" or "html" choice. Is that where I would do it?

  2. Hi blogger friend! My name is Suzanne too! :D I saw your post in the forums.. I'll be in Vegas too with my fiancé! SO excited :) Can't wait to meet everyone!
    AND have a great sale tomorrow! So many things to look forward to in the world of TpT! haha ;)

    -Suzy (Studentsavvy)

    1. Hi Suzy! I am just seeing your blog post. Sorry. I hope you had a great time in Vegas! I did. Hope to meet you next time :)