Thursday, February 19, 2015

Blogging World, Here I Come!

Hello there!  I'm Suzanne and I am a kindergarten teacher at Kindergarten Planet.  I am so very excited to be starting an educational blog, and truth be told, a little nervous as well.  I have been reading so many blogs over the past few years.  There have been wonderful ideas shared, touching stories, and moments that allowed me into the classroom, and life, of other teachers.  The idea to blog has been on my mind for quite some time, and recently, I decided to make the leap.

I would be honored if you joined me on this new journey!  It would be great if I am able to share some ideas and tips with you that will be useful to your own classroom.

I decided for my first post that I would include a freebie!  There is a fun President's Day Directed Drawing in my TpT store.  I know, President's Day is over.  But, if you are anything like me, the theme for the first two weeks of February was all about friendship, love, and Valentine's Day!  This week (and probably next week) will be devoted to President's Day, and specifically, George and Abe.

These directed drawings are easy to follow and fun for the students.  They CAN successfully draw a former President!  I recently updated the file to include a white background with the step-by-step directions.  I had requests from teachers to have a white background so the printer would not use as much ink.  I totally get it!  I still left the black pages in because it just looks better to me on the black background.

We drew our portraits on yesterday.  I put my students in centers and had half of the class draw George Washington and the other half draw Abraham Lincoln.  They turned out so cute!!!  My students walked by our hallway bulletin board so.........very..........slowly today so they could gaze at all of their artwork!  Here are a few pictures of their art.

After all the drawings were completed, I turned them into a pattern on my hallway bulletin board.  Kindergarten Art is pretty cute!

The students were allowed to have some freedom with their coloring, and some went all out!  If you'd like to try this with your own class, you can find the directed drawings here.

Well, here it is.  My first blog post.  It feels pretty good so far.  I hope I will see you again soon. :)


  1. I am so excited to see your blog and learn more from you! Congrats on taking the leap into the blogging world. These drawings are adorable. We did Abraham Lincoln today from your pack and we didn't get to George yet. The kinders were very disappointed in me about that by the way! They begged for George, so we will have to do that next week! :)

    1. Hi Alex! Thanks so much for your sweet support. I am happy that you are my first comment in the blogging world. Awwwww! It is wonderful that you like George and Abe and that your students did too. Thank you :)