Monday, June 15, 2015

Must Read Monday: Books for the End of the School Year

I am so very excited for the first week of Must Read Monday, a sumer linky party, with The Kindergarten Connection!  As teachers, we all read to our students and Alex and I are curious - what are some of your favorite books to read to your class?  I am excited to share mine each week and to also hear about yours. I have a large book collection as it is.............but I know I'll be purchasing more books at the end of this summer after reading all of the blog posts.  You can never have too many books.  Right????

The theme this week is must read books for the end of the school year.  Here are mine:

The Last Day of Kindergarten - by Nancy Loewen.  This is a cute story about a little girl who thinks back to the beginning of kindergarten and then ends up continuing the story on the last day of kindergarten.  It is a great way to reflect on things we did as a class at the beginning of school and where we are at the end of the school year - just like the character does in the book.  She also talk abut what summer will be like - which is cute to hear what my students say.  This story does have a graduation (which we do not do at my school) and that allows for another conversation about comparing and contrasting how her school is the same and different from our school.

The Night Before Summer Vacation - by Natasha Wing.  I love how this mirrors The Night Before Christmas.  It follows the same pattern and also rhymes.  It gets the children excited about possible trips they may take in the summer and allows us to turn and talk about places we'd like to travel.

First Grade, Here I Come! - by Nancy Carlson.  This story starts at the end of the first day of first grade.  It is a cute story because this child doesn't know how to feel about first grade.  He tells his mom all about his day (while comparing it to kindergarten).  He misses kindergarten, but ends up coming around to being excited about being a first grader.  This is a nice story to talk to my kiddos about what first grade will be like.  It also lets them know that is is OK to miss kindergarten, but that they are moving on and are ready for new adventures!

Miss Bindergarten Celebrates the Last Day of Kindergarten - by Joseph Slate.  I love all the Miss Kindergarten Books!  This follows the same format - it rhymes, focuses on the letters of the alphabet and also has a repetitive line "Miss Bindergarten celebrates the last day of kindergarten."  It is a great opportunity  to talk about how the end of the school year compares to ours (like cleaning the classroom, children being excited and children being sad to leave).   The class also has a party at the end and shows Miss Bindergarten leaving the classroom where Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten begins.

Oh, the Places You'll Go! - by Dr. Seuss.  This is definitely a favorite book to read at the end of the year.  My guess is most of you know this book.  It goes through the many stages of life.........good times.........bad times..........good times..........hard times.........all the ups and downs in life.  But I love it because it talks about their future.........and how their whole life is ahead of them.  Kinders are little and don't fully grasp the brevity of this book, but it is wonderful to plant the seeds of a bright future.  I always get teary eyed at the end too. Do you?  When it says today is your day, your mountain is waiting, get on your way!  Ugh! Gets me...........every.........time!

Are you always on the lookout for new books?  Do you have favorites to share?  Follow along each Monday this summer, and if you like, link up with us!  You can also leave a comment about your favorite books down below.

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