Sunday, October 25, 2015

Scary Things *Freebie*

                                                                                    Photo Credit: Jordan

Tis the season to talk about scary things and read scary Halloween books.  While we talk about scary things, it only gets so scary in kindergarten.  Luckily, most books aren't that scary, and they usually end up with a happy ending - phew!

Something I like to do every year is read an assortment of scary seasonal books and then ask the students to make a list of scary things.  They really come up with some good ideas!  I make this chart and draw a little image next to it for a reminder.
I have been doing this book for years and don't even know where it originated.  I know that at one point I remade it.  The version in my photos that I am using with my students this year, shows a DJ Inkers font (which I don't have a license for commercial use so I am not using it in my freebie), and Comic Sans (I know, the dreaded comic sans).  But hey, back in the day, comic sans was the cute and different font!  Now I know better, and have invested in loads of fonts.

**But, just for the record, I do not share in the distaste for comic sans that so many others do (I know, please don't throw rotten eggs at me!).

After we make our list, we get to work creating our book.  The children think about which scary thing they want in their book, and then they copy the word, and illustrate the photo.

We are also working on beginning writing skills in kindergarten.  We are working on drawing a detailed picture, and since I let them use markers (woohoo - that is cause for great excitement in kindergarten!) they are really trying their best!

We have one page left on Monday, and then we will take the time to share our books out to the class.  Check out the cute writing and illustrations from my kiddos:

You can see how hard at work my students are.  They are loving this project - and so am I.  It is always a fun experience each year.  They get very excited about their creations and they always come up with the cutest drawings!

I printed out the book, cut them in half, and then stapled black construction paper on the outside of the book.  I glued the cover down on the front.  You can also do this, but you can also keep it simple by running the book on white paper and stapling it in the copy machine to save you time.

As you can see, this is an adorable book!  I jazzed it up for the freebie, and will be sure to use that format next year.  But I wanted to get the book going in my class this past week and didn't have time to redo this packet until now.  If only we had like 6 more hours in each day!

I created this freebie for you and it is now in my TpT store.  You can find Scary Things here.  I made it with new fonts, added a border, and even made the pages so you can have some differentiation.  I hope you can use it this week to get ready for Halloween!  If you don't celebrate Halloween, this is still applicable with the season of autumn, and bats, and spiders - oh my!

You can see some of the images from the new and improved, (and comic sans free), Scary Things book below!

This FREE Scary Things book can be found in my Teachers pay Teachers store.

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have an incredibly fun, and calm, week :)


  1. This is adorable! I love your students' ideas and drawings - they look so engaged in it! I was laughing when you were talking about Comic Sans because I can relate! Hey, when you have school computers without your fonts on it, and you need something bin a pinch.... Comic Sans is what gives you the "not funny" a's for kinders! ;) So, no rotten egg throwing from me!

  2. This is great!!! I love the pictures your students drew! We are also working on drawing detailed pictures that match our words. Like Alex said in her comment, I had to laugh about Comic Sans! It used to be my favorite font!!! Now there are so many fonts out there that I never even knew existed before TpT!! I think only teachers can have conversations about fonts!! haha!! Thanks so much for sharing this adorable freebie!! :)

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