Thursday, April 9, 2015

Rainy Day Art and a FREEBIE

Hi!  I live in Oregon and it's true - it rains quite a bit here.  However, this winter has been dry and warm. :(

 Recently we have had a little cold snap and some rainy weather.  I took this opportunity to do an art project with my class.  I have seen pictures of children holding an umbrella on Pinterest before, but I wanted to extend that idea.

We needed a background.  I modeled how to paint raindrops and grass.  My students know that after a painting is finished, they hang up the apron and walk away.  This is what my easel looks like during a project.

I love how the kiddos know the routines at the time of the year!

While they were painting (which was quick - raindrops and grass do not take a long time), I was calling students outside to take their picture.  I am fortunate to have a door that leads outside to the playground.

Each child held the umbrella in such a way that was unique to their personality - kind of like a directed drawing!  After the pictures were taken, they were uploaded into PowerPoint (on landscape), printed on plain white paper, and then cut out.  Next came the best part - glueing the pictures on the background they painted.  I am loving this art project so far!

But, the final step was having them think about rainy days and what they like doing on rainy days.  I came up with a design, had the children complete the sentence and then an adult glued it down.  Voila!  ADORABLE art project!  To be honest, I have never created an art project with personalized photos, and I am hooked.  

This little cutie said "On rainy days I like to stay at home and drink hot cocoa."

And this little darlingsaid "On rainy days I like to play cars in my house."

This final cutie said "On rainy days I like to play inside with my friends."  Love how he is holding the umbrella!  I just noticed that all of the final projects I posted ar of boys (oops!)  I do have girls in my class, but I have way more boys.

I just noticed that all of the final projects I posted are of boys (oops!)  I do have girls in my class, but I have way more boys.  The final projects are so adorable and really brighten our hallway!  This was a super quick project!  I started it on Monday, and here they are on our hallway bulletin board on Thursday.  I admit, I have a student teacher (who is great!!!), a parent helper, and Instructional Assistants who helped out as well.  So, while I had help with this project, you could do it on your own if you don't have any support!

If you'd like to do this project, you can grab the rainy day freebie below.  This is my first time posting a pdf to my blog - I hope it works out!

I want to thank Glitter Meets Glue for the cute boot and umbrella clip art, Paula Kim Studio for the border, and Hello Jen Jones for the cute fonts!

I also want to thank Alex at The Kindergarten Connection for helping me with the pdf and being patient with me as I learn so many new things regarding blogging!

I hope you enjoy this project as much as we did!


  1. Oh my goodness this is ADORABLE!!!! I love how it turned out!! We have had quite a few rainy days here as well lately! Thanks so much for sharing this super idea!

    1. You are so sweet Heather! Thank you so much. They did turn out pretty cute. I'm glad you stopped by :)