Saturday, March 7, 2015

Read Across America Spirit Week

We had a fun week celebrating Dr. Seuss with Read Across America Spirit Week.  In the past, my school has had several big events associated with this week - door decorating, school wide Drop Everything and Read, and an assembly with a guest speaker.  This year, we downsized and only had spirit days.  It was still fun, but at the end of the week, I realized that I missed the other events.  Each spirit day was paired with a Dr. Seuss book.

Monday was, simply, Read Across America and we wore pajamas.  One of my favorite days in the school year!  Soon comfy :)  We did different reading activities all day - I read, they read to themselves, and we made this cute hat.  I have no idea where the hat came from though.  I have had this hat pattern for years and it is really cute.  

Tuesday was My Many Colored Days and we wore our class tie-dye t-shirt.  At the beginning of the year we put a plain white t-shirt on our school list.  Each child brought in a shirt and all the classes picked different colors.  We wore the shirt the day before our winter break, on Tuesday, and we will also wear them on field day, and on our field trip at the end of the year.  It is amazing to see all of the classes in the school in their class t-shirt.  Field day looks amazing and is so colorful!  My favorite color is green, so of course, we had green for our t-shirt color.  I had the shirts on their desk when they walked in.  They pulled the shirt over their clothes.  However, for field day and our field trip, they change in the bathroom so they only wear the tie-dye.  Also, I keep the shirts at school and bring them home and wash them.  I keep them in order to make sure we have the shirts to wear when we need them.

Wednesday was Fox in Socks and wear your craziest mismatched socks to school.  We took a picture with everyone who wore their crazy socks to school.

Thursday was I Can Read With My Eyes Shut and we wore a shirt with words on it that we can read. Some of the words were too funny!

Friday was Hooray for Diffendoofer Day and we wore our school shirt, or school colors, - purple, grey, or black.

We also made these Thing 1 and Thing 2 hats from First Grade Blue Skies.  I had the students color the hair blue and I just used red construction to attach it to the hair.  I gave them a straw and then taped the Thing 1 or Thing 2 (I let them choose which "Thing" they wanted) to it.  They held it up in front of themselves.  They loved it!

There are so many great ideas on Pinterest and I saw some fun ideas on Instagram and other blogs.  However, it is report card testing time and this is where I spent most of my week.  Boo :(

All in all it was a fun week.  Things will be back to normal next week without spirit days, and I am ALMOST finished with my one:one assessments - yeah!

Did you do anything to celebrate?  I hope it was fun!

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